How to go About a Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a method through which customers make payments to online stores and businesses for products bought and services rendered. There are many options of payment gateway available. But, the payment gateway costs money and will charge per transaction. Choosing the right payment gateway is very important. It can make the whole process […]

Unbox WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” and Put a Lid on Rising Curiosity

Craving to know what’s new about WordPress 6.0 Arturo? Then you have reached the right destination. We are ready to dissect WordPress 6.0 to understand what’s behind the veil. WordPress has officially released one of the most awaited versions – “Arturo”. If you haven’t welcomed it, then now is the right time to say hello […]

Unlocking the Nexus Between Blockchain Technology in Web Development

In the periphery of web development, new trends keep rolling out. Some turn out to be a boon for you; the others are more of hyperbole. Blockchain technology falls in the former category. It is a way that ensures you keep an effective track of a web page. Understanding Blockchain Blocks in the blockchain are […]