Craving to know what’s new about WordPress 6.0 Arturo? Then you have reached the right destination. We are ready to dissect WordPress 6.0 to understand what’s behind the veil.

WordPress has officially released one of the most awaited versions – “Arturo”. If you haven’t welcomed it, then now is the right time to say hello to “Arturo”. Inspired by Grammy-winning jazz musician, Arturo O’Farrill, WordPress 6.0 has much to offer other than a contemporary name. But how much bliss it brings to you is a mystery that you will unravel eventually.

WordPress 6.0 Updates

Many exciting changes in 6.0 has created a buzz that the new guy is going to change the users’ experience substantially. To know how far it’s true and not an exaggeration, here are some of the pros of “Arturo” highlighted –

Improved Features for Designers

WordPress 6.0 is embraced with 1,000 enhancements and bug fixes that sound alluring. Apart from this, it has much to offer in terms of features that will help designers a great deal. For instance, its improved writing and designing features are expected to offer an edge to most WordPress users.

Enticing Page Creation Patterns for Theme Developers

To simplify things for a publisher, WordPress has rolled out Page creation patterns. Standing apart from the ordinary it offers a publisher more than a blank layout. It offers options to select from multiple layouts.

Better Performance for Site Visitors

The “dot 0” release, version 6.0 preserves backward compatibility which is quite helpful in a way. Its improvements to how queries are managed against the database in addition to how caches are handled make it faster than expected.

Block Locking Option for End-Users

For end-users accidentally moving block has always been a problem. Luckily, this time “Arturo” unveils Block Locking feature that prevents such accidental deleting and is easily available through a block settings drop-down menu.

Improved Publishing Experience

To provide users with a better publishing experience, WordPress 6.0 rolls out a new feature called Global Style Variations. It is meant to help users modify the look and feel of their website without editing CSS or HTML. In a way, it allows for speeding up the whole process of starting and running a website.

New Template Options

WordPress 6.0 has something new for all users. It offers 5 new template options to the users and these are – author, category, date, tag, and taxonomy. The impressive thing about these templates is that it comes with tools that allow you to tailor these as per your requirements for the desired outcome.

In comparison to WordPress 5.9, which was released in January 2022, 6.0 makes the selection between multiple WordPress blocks for users easier. Now the users can move the selection cursor smoothly and efficiently across the blocks.

More Accessible for All Users

Accessibility improvements in WordPress 6.0 are far better than 5.9. It allows all types of users to manage it effortlessly. Improved tabbing in blocks, read description for blocks, better readability of admin bar text labels on smaller screens, and many more offer a user-friendly experience.

Easy to Download WordPress 6.0

Those impressed by the improved features of 6.0 in comparison to 5.9 can download this new version automatically from the Dashboard > Updates menu in the admin area. You may also visit the release archive on the official website of WordPress to learn how to update the new available version “Arturo”.

What to do Before Opting for WordPress 6.0?

To be on the safe side, it is better if you run a backup of your site when upgrading to “Arturo”. If anything is broken on your site then resolve the problem before switching to the 6.0 version.

Key Takeaways

WordPress as a platform has much to offer the users. So, its new release as expected is packed with amazing features that improve the experience of end-users. Those, who were earlier impressed with a block-based theme editor of WordPress 5.9 must go for WordPress 6.0 as it rolls out more improvements to the overall editable templates and theme patterns.

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” is switched to 51917, and the Trac revision to 53445, which surely be a delight to work with for developers and all users across the globe.